What to do in Liverpool

Hey my huns! So my blog has been taking a back seat lately because I’ve been working on starting a Youtube channel so please do bare with!
The other week I visited Liverpool and really regretted not looking at things to do before hand. I had a few bar and restaurant recommendations and a fellow blogger told me to visit Ghetto Golf – which was SO much fun, but apart from that, we didn’t do anything which was a total waste of time! So I’ve decided to do a little post with ideas of what to do in the city and any other city I visit from now, in case like me, you visit them and are  stuck with what to do when you’re there.

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My Acne Journey

Hey guys, so it’s been a little (ok long) time since I last posted on here but I’m back with my most requested post yet. My acne recovery. So it’s taken me A LOT of courage to post this and I’ve been debating whether or not I should post this for a very long time. I’ve suffered with acne for god knows how long now, but THIS is proof to you all that it CAN get better. It may take time, tears and testing out a lot of products that work for you, but here is my acne journey, in 4 photos, starting from May 2017 to today in the last picture.  It’s still not perfect but I feel 1000 times better in myself than when I took the first picture.

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Back to School with Bessie London

Hey lovelies, so if you’re from the UK then today was officially the first day back at school/college. Now I thank the lord that I finished school when I did because it was the worst for me, but I thought what better way to help all of you lot who may still be at school by telling you my back to school essentials. All starting with my gorgeous Bessie London backpack

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Blogging and Instagram Tips

Hey huns! I’m back after a little break from blogging due to me starting a new job, so heyyyy!! Today I am back with my most requested blog post…Blogging and Instagram tips. Now, to make this post so much better for you all, I’ve rounded up some of my favourite bloggers and asked them for their advice to help give you guys the best, all round advice that we ALL can relate to and stick by. So thank you to all of my lovely ladies for your expert advice and to all of my lovely followers out there, enjoy this post and make the most of it! Start your blog and join us in the fabulous world of blogging…

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The Best Fashion Instagrams of the Moment

Hey my hunnies! Today I’ve got a blog post for you with all of my favourite Instagram pictures of the moment. These images help inspire my outfit decisions and just genuinely my Instagram feed. As usual, make sure you’re following me on insta…and be sure to check out the girls I’ve tagged too!

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How to Make Your Wardrobe Look More Expensive

As much as we would love a wardrobe full of Chanel and a shoe collection as big as Carrie Bradshaw’s, I’ve came up with a few tips alongside Sheerluxe to help make what you already have, look a little more special. From careful accessorising to tailoring, here’s how to elevate your current collection…

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July Favourites 2017

Hey guys! I have a monthly favourites for you today. It seems like so long since I last did one of these but I feel I’ve had quite a good month and I’ve tried out a lot of new things! From food to fashion, TV to places, these are the things I’ve been loving through July…

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Come Away With Me: Paris

Hey guys! So, if you follow me on Instagram, you will know that last weekend I went to Paris. It was my birthday present from my boyfriend so it was definitely a romantic trip. Can I just start by saying how BEAUTIFUL the city is. The architecture and flower displays are incredible and I definitely felt at home. Although French people can be *very* rude, our experience was amazing and we had such a lovely trip. I can now officially say I’ve ticked something off my bucket list!

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