25 Blog Post Ideas for Fashion Bloggers

I’m back again with a little help for all of you fashion bloggers out there. We all know it can be hard sometimes when we need to write a post but nothing springs to mind. Here are 25 ideas to help motivate you and get you started writing.

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Love Me Beauty May Review

Hi guys, I was lucky enough to get sent another monthly beauty bag to review, this time it includes all kinds of beauty products rather than the lip products I normally get sent. I just want to use this as an opportunity to say a MASSIVE thank you to all of you guys, who support me and read my blog posts or follow me on Instagram. YOU are the reason I get sent such wonderful things and YOU are the reason I get to live to live the life I’ve always wanted, doing what makes me happy, so thank you.

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My Handbag Essentials

Hey guys, so I got a new handbag so felt it was only right to do a blog post based around this and what better way than to show you than what’s inside. So here’s my handbag essentials, the stuff I can’t live without and the stuff you will ALWAYS find in my handbag.

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March Lip Monthly Review

Hey guys, I’m back with the next Lip Monthly review, this time its the March bag, which had such pretty shades in. Just like last time if you use the code: JESS you get 55% off your first bag. And for those of you who are lucky enough to subscribe to the bags, you will now have a ‘customisation page’ where you can select 1-3 shades of your products, which is fab!

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My Night-Time Skincare Routine

I’ve never been one for having a massive skincare routine but I do know the importance of looking after your skin. One key thing for great skin is a good diet…which my love of chocolate kind of ruins, but drinking at least 2 litres of water everyday, is also a massive factor. I make sure that I drink more than 2 litres of water a day now, to flush out all of the toxins and keep my skin looking hydrated.

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My Latest Fashion Inspiration

I am always looking for new fashion or outfit inspiration to help me make the most of what I’ve got and style my outfits differently to how I’m used to. So I thought it was time to share this with you and show you some of my latest fashion inspiration pictures. Please let me know your favourite looks or how you’d style your favourite pieces!

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My favourite hair products and how the Tyme iron saved my life … and my hair

In case you hadn’t already noticed, my newest obsession is hair…and I think it’s ever since mine actually started growing, which has only been happening for the past few months. Them extra few inches means a few extra minutes that I’m spending perfecting my hair, both styling and nourishing it. From wearing a hair mask twice a week to minimal styling, these new hair products have saved me time, money, my life and my hair! Continue reading “My favourite hair products and how the Tyme iron saved my life … and my hair”

My Favourite Coachella Looks

It’s that time of year again…festival time!! If you didn’t catch last years blog post, then check it out here. This year I’ve just decided to share with all my favourite looks of Coachella and give it a little throwback to my most popular blog post which was my Festival Edit last year.

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Blonde Bombshells – How to rock the in colour and who to take inspiration from

We all know the saying; ‘blondes have more fun’ and it’s true, we do! Which is why some of the top celebs are dying their hair blonde too. Whether it’s break-up hair, new-man hair, new you hair or you just fancy a change, this is how to rock the in colour and who to take inspiration from!

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30 Blog Post Ideas for Spring/Summer

It’s normal for us sometimes to have mind-block and not be able to think of any blog posts to make, so I’ve decided to write a list for you (which is what I do best) of 30 blog posts that are perfect for Spring/Summer…whether they inspire you or you copy them, may your spring/summer planning be 10 times easier after this!

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