My Wardrobe Organisation & Tips

Since I’ve just had my new wardrobe fitted, I thought I’d take the time to give you some tips that I’ve learnt along the way. This is the Ikea PAX wardrobe and all of the baskets/draws, lighting and storage things are also from Ikea (unless stated otherwise.)

From now on, felt, space saving hangers are your new best friend. They have literally saved my life and it means you can fit twice as many things in your wardrobe, which means you can buy twice as many clothes. I always bulk buy mine from the same seller on Amazon which I will share with you guys here.

I have three rails in my wardrobe, one for short length clothes such as crop tops and shorts, one for medium length clothes such as tops, midi skirts  and coats, and the last for longer length clothes such as dresses, maxi skirts, trousers and longer tops and coats. I’ve then organised these rails into different types of clothing and then into sleeve lengths for the tops (OCD I know, but it is so much easier to find what you are looking for!) Organising your clothes into sections makes your life so much easier when your putting outfits together or even when your in a rush in the morning and need to just throw something on. I added these strip lights to the top of my wardrobe that shine onto your clothes making it look even more wow! This does make a huge difference and just adds that touch of glamour to your wardrobe.

Under the medium length rail I have a glass shelf with a thin draw underneath which I use to display my jewellery and hair stuff in these felt, storage draw liners. Next to this I have what I like to call my bra organiser, its just a plastic space divider which I use to display my pretty lace and sports bras, which will be seen through the glass shelf. This draw also comes in a smaller size which can be added on top of the small draws or shorter length rail. This just adds a little something to the wardrobe and makes it prettier to look at and to show off your favourite things. You can use these storage/display features for anything you like which is the great thing about them! The gaps are all different sizes so its not limiting what you can use it for.

Next to the short length rail I have three draws, one of which is glass fronted, I wanted to use this draw as a feature draw so I have folded all of my jeans and put them in here. I have also considered putting all of my neutral knitwear at the front of this draw. The other draws I use to store things that don’t need hanging, such as gym gear, pjs and pants and socks. To keep the draws looking neat, I like to use little baskets to hold my pants and socks to stop them from taking over the draw. My gym gear and pjs are just folded and divided into piles, with the ones I wear most on the top, this doesn’t take up much room but I like to ensure everything is tidy and organised to make it a lot easier to find things.

I have three baskets in my wardrobe, in this gorgeous geo print that I use to store my shoes. I chose these baskets over the others because I was storing my shoes and didn’t want my heels sticking through the holes or getting stuck. There is no gaps big enough for your shoes to poke through on these baskets which makes them perfect for storing my huge collection of heels. Although originally I wanted my shoes displayed on shelves, I had to change this in order to be able to fit everything else I wanted in the wardrobe. Having them in a basket doesn’t necessarily have to ruin them or the shape, I keep mine in pairs and stack them in an order which ensures none of them are getting squashed. For example, flip flops go on the bottom or chunky heels or boots, with the court heels or ballet pumps going on top, to ensure they don’t loose their shape.

Ikea are very good on helping you design your perfect wardrobe while still being realistic on what will and wont work. If you don’t have a store near you or would like to look into it before you head over to your nearest store, their PAX ‘you-choose-everything’ tool on their website is very helpful and handy and shows you a 3D model of what you design. I would recommend checking this before you start designing as there is some things that don’t work. This wardrobe design tool on the website is also great to use for fun and see how much your dream wardrobe would be! All product codes and prices are included on this helpful tool and all can be printed to be taken into Ikea for the staff to hep you find exactly what you need. You can decide the wood or the finish of the wardrobe, everything on this wardrobe is up to you! The best thing is, you can use this tool as often as you like because it is all free!

I hope my wardrobe organisation along with the odd tip can help you to have a neat and tidy wardrobe like mine. I also hope you have as much fun as I did on designing the wardrobe that is perfect for you and the space you have. Thanks for reading this (longer than expected) blog post and good luck with tidying and organising your wardrobes!

p.s. well done for getting to the end!


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