February Favourites ’16

We are finally getting close to summer and the warmer weather, but boy have we waited a long time for it. February has been a great month, my fave so far! I got a new job, passed my driving test and I finally launched my blog!! I decided this was a new chapter of my life, my chance to finally find myself and just have fun and enjoy life. So I have decided to share some of my favourites from the month.

  1. My Disposable Camera

I love the idea of cherishing special moments for ever and my favourite way of doing this is by taking pictures on my disposable camera. The pictures are so much more special than the pictures on your phone, they are a lot easier to get printed and they can be stored easily without taking up all of the storage on your phone! I love having the camera lying around, picking it up whenever I wish to take a picture and then the excitement of getting them printed off and reliving them moments.IMG_2177

2.  White Leather Converse

My favourite footwear for February has to be my white leather converse. They look so good with any outfit and they’re so comfy!IMG_2175

3. La Roche-Posay- Effaclar Duo

This skin care product is actually a miracle. La Roche-Posay’s effaclar duo works by targeting marks, imperfections and redness. It’s amazing and works a dream, I started noticing results practically straight away. It definitely does what it says on the bottle.

IMG_2176 4. Blue Jeans

You probably recognise these jeans from my previous blog post but they have been my favourite this month. (And I’m loving the fact they are kids jeans and fit better than any of my others!)IMG_2179

5.Paperchase Collection

The ‘Mystic Rose’ collection is so dreamy, I got some of products for Christmas but had to go in and buy more for my new job! My favourite is the week organiser.IMG_2172

6. Pepsi

My favourite drink this month has got to be pepsi, it’s so much better than coke and I would chose it 10 times over any other drink!


7. MAC- Velvet Teddy

I’ve never really been a lipstick kinda girl but I love velvet teddy! It’s the perfect shade and suits every skin tone. I’ve had mine since Christmas and I already need a new one! This will probably be my favourite lipstick for a very long time. The texture is perfect and it’s great for layering. I would definitely recommend this to everyone.IMG_2173

8. Milkyway Magic Stars

This is not just a monthly favourite, this is my favourite chocolate! I could live off of these things. (Would be so healthy I know.) They’re so good, I can eat like 2 big bags of these in one go!



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