My Go-To Shoes of the Moment

My ‘go-to’ shoes probably have never changed, they have always been white converse or a pair of black boots, so I set myself a goal to wear as many of my shoes that I could and only then did I realise that my go-to shoes were probably because of comfort! However, I stuck through the pain and I now have a few more pairs to add to my ‘go-to’ shoe list. Of course the converse are still there, oh and the black boots, oh and not just one, two pairs now (I’m getting worse with this colour thing)!!

My over the knee boots are amazing! They are suede, with little lace up bits at the top, they have gorgeous gold detailing on the heel and a zip on the inside which actually helps to keep them up. I have to say that whatever pair of over the knee boots I have, they will eventually begin to go baggy and fall down, I think I speak on behalf of anyone who wears them when I say that!

My go-to choice of converse has changed from the original white ones to leather ones so I have changed my shoe choice a bit, right? They look very dirty and I probably should have cleaned them before photographing them, oops. It just shows the love and how they survive any wear and tear though so please forgive me.

These gorgeous stone coloured, suede shoes also come in black, which you may have seen in my blue jeans, white shirt blog post. Although not very comfy if you’re going to be walking; any distance that is, these shoes look really pretty on! Lace-up shoes are so on trend at the minute and I keep lusting over so many in all of the shops!

The heeled black boots, (which are a size bigger than what my feet actually are) are probably my favourite of my many black boots! Simple with minimal detail means they go with almost everything. I like to pair these gorg boots with a pair of dark blue skinny jeans and a leather jacket!

More lace up shoes, although these are in heel form, chunky heel form! I love love love these heels and they are probably the nicest and best value for money for shoes like this, for just £16! These would be gorgeous in other colours too, so c’mon Primark, what are you waiting for?!

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Thanks guys!!


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