My Favourite Skin Products

My favourite skin products all depend on how I’m feeling, sometimes they change because of weather or because of the change in my skin, I’m not massively into beauty but looking after your skin is very important because its something we can’t replace!

Ted Baker and Soap and Glory have to be my favourite for body cream, the packaging is always so beautiful. I always judge everything on the packaging and I have to say that these two brands deliver on quality as well as looks. Soap and glory is renowned for its pink packaging and puns, my favourite Ted Baker collection has to be this one, just look at that rose gold detail!!!

  • If you’re like me and have random outbreaks of spots or sensitive skin, then micellar water is the product for you! I use twice daily and this also takes off even the hardest of makeup, even Benefit’s ‘They’re Real’ mascara which we all know is hard to remove. This product is fab for the skin as it is a natural and is basically like water. I have always suffered from sensitive or dry skin and this is the only product that I have tried that doesn’t affect this (trust me I’ve tried loads) its also great for when I have breakouts and want to avoid cramming my face with unwanted products.
  • Maybelline is my favourite fake tan and doesn’t have that awful smell. I find that my skin never goes patchy with this fake tan, even if I do it right before bed! If I’m not using this, I’ll be using my Garnier ‘Ambre Solair’ face mist which works AMAZING and you don’t have to worry about blending it right on your face as all of the work is done for you.
  • You may have seen the Effaclar Duo in my February Favourites video, but this product is seriously worth raving over and I wish I could talk about it forever! It actually does what it says on the bottle and it actually helps to even your skin tone and reduce redness, by far my favourite ever skin product!!
  • The tiny ‘Skinology’ bottle is a tea tree formula and is less than £1 and is actually from Wilko’s own range. My boyfriend started using this product a few years ago, just applying it to a spot and letting it work its magic and after seeing the results and hearing about the price, I had to try it for myself. Apply twice a day to your spot and watch as it disappears within a few days. There are probably better products than this for spots but for less than £1, you cant go wrong, especially if it shows results!
  • The little blue tub was actually a freebie from an event, it is Lancome’s ‘Visionnaire’ moisturiser and is probably the most perfect consistency you could ask for in a moisturiser! A little goes a long way with this product and I would definitely recommend this to everyone!

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