How I Edit my Instagram Pictures

I often get asked how I edit my Instagram pictures so I thought it was only right to do a blog post on it! I don’t tend to edit my photos but when I do its only a subtle difference and I make sure to ALWAYS add a trusty white boarder. I love the white boarder around the edge of the photos and I feel it makes your feed look more professional, I also try to keep my feed in a colour scheme but this often goes off track and is very hard to keep up! But here is a little sneak peak on how I would edit my photo:

1. Crop the image to a square- Instagram has now changed and allows different size photos but I still like to keep my photos in those little 612×612 pixel photos!

2016-04-25 17.18.51

2. Go to my favourite editing app- ‘LINE Camera’. This is the best app I have found for editing my photos, although it looks a bit amateur’ish, I think its great! I then select ‘Clear’ on filters and play around with the brightness/contrast/saturation until I get the desired look, I then click the little button in the right hand corner to save the image.

3. Use ‘Whitagram’ to add the white boarder! I like to have mine on size 17 as I feel this creates a nice size boarder and makes your feed look crisp without being too much white. I also like that you can change the colour of the boarders on the app too.

4. I like to then check over the image a few times to check it will match my feed and that the colours look right (I’ll go back to ‘LINE Camera’ again and edit until I think I have the best look) before uploading on to Instagram. I like to write captions that people can relate to and include popular hashtags too. After uploading, I go straight to my profile to check it looks right and matches! In this case, it did match so I left it. But if you find that it doesn’t match, simple just quickly delete it and no one will ever know…hopefully.

I hope this has helped lots of you and you can use my tips to and tricks to edit your own photos. One last bit of advice for you if you see that a caption is wrong or there is a spelling mistake, simply click on the image, click on the three dots, ‘EDIT’, and then there you go, a simple way to edit your caption (or tag people you forgot). If you use any editing apps that you love, then leave comments below for me so I can try them out! Thanks for reading this post and I’ll speak to you all soon! Mwah!




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