The Festival Edit

We’ve all recently witnessed Coachella and now festival season is almost upon us. I’ve gathered all of my favourite Coachella images and took inspiration from these to give you guys some top tips on what to wear and what beauty products are a MUST for festivals.

It’s all about looking great at festivals and experimenting with new clothes. I’ve come up with my perfect festival outfit and accessories for you:IMG_3927khaki crochet top   black lace kimono   shorts (sold out but similar)   black tassle bag  sandals (sold out bit similar)   gold rings   hat   sunglasses   gold arm cuff

Having the perfect hair at a festival is only possible on the first, maybe second day but these hairstyles are sure to get you through the weekend. Greasy hair is not good so dry shampoo is a must. Braids are big at the minute so I wanted to keep this theme for the hairstyles, here we have (in order) how I would style my hair on day 1, 2 and 3.

There’s nothing worse than having your hair blowing in your face so keeping the front of your hair back, is key at a festival. Whether that’s with a simple twisted braid or big chunky inverted French plaits, its easy to avoid that mouthful of hair. I don’t know about you but when my hair goes slightly greasy, putting it up makes it looks worse, therefore by back-combing like mad and adding two dutch braids that follow into messy ponytails, your third day hair can look as fab and boho as the first.

Everyone should have a necessity list for at a festival, and here’s what mine would include:

Of course I’d have my bag of makeup and other useful things, but these products would be at the top of my checklist. Comment down below what your necessities for festivals are!

(All images are not my own and are only used for inspiration purposes.)



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