KIKO Cosmetics Review

On my recent trip to the KIKO store in Nottingham, I decided I would pick up a few useful, everyday products that I can test-out and review for you guys.

Now the makeup products I could not live without include: mascara, foundation, and highlighter. So it was obvious which products I would be trying from the brand! As I usually layer a few different mascaras, it was only right to buy more than one. (The ‘reduced to £3.90’ sign didn’t really help either!) I decided to go for the ‘unmeasurable length‘ and ‘luxurious lashes‘ mascara, the ‘universal fit‘ foundation in the shade ‘warm beige 15’ and an eyeshadow in the shade 167 which I will be using as a highlighter.

I decided to test the makeup over a week as I feel like you need to use it more than once to be able to test it out properly. I also used the makeup for day and night looks and also did the test of seeing how long it lasted. It’s fair to say I was blown away by some of these products!

The unmeasurable length mascara:


I’m not sure about you but I always choose my mascaras depending on how black they are and what the brushes look like. I was slightly scared by the look of this brush because I usually go for big thick brushes that can apply a lot of product to your lashes in one stroke, and this is very small and thin. However, I am in love with this mascara!!! It pulls all of your lashes apart and coats each one individually, there is no way you could get spider lashes from this beautiful mascara! I have been using this one as a base, and it helps to make my mascara last all day. I’m already lucky enough to have long lashes, but this mascara makes them look even longer! I would definitely recommend this product, the best base-coat mascara I think I’ve ever used!!

The luxurious lashes mascara:

I used this mascara after the unmeasurable length mascara and it really thickens and curls your lashes. My lashes looked as though they had been curled and it lasted all day! The brush is a lot thicker than the other mascara but the brush fibres are really thin and get in between every lash. These two mascaras together are perfect and look SO great!! With the lengthening and curling mascaras combined, my lashes almost looked fake. They stayed separated all day long and the curl didn’t even slightly drop. The only thing I would say is that the tops of my eyelids, just under my brows, had little black smudges by the end of the day but I am unsure as to which mascara this would have came from. This just wipes off with your finger though so it wouldn’t put me off purchasing again!

The universal fit foundation:


I bought the universal fit foundation in the shade ‘warm beige 15’. I asked in the shop to get colour tested and I have to say it was the perfect shade. the staff were really helpful and made sure it was the EXACT shade I should be buying. However, I wasn’t very impressed with this foundation. It took a very long time to blend and a little product, really did go a long way. After I had been blending for a long time, the foundation did give a nice glowing look but after a few hours, it looked as though it needed blending again, especially around my eyebrows an forehead. I am not sure if this is because I have very dry skin in this area of if my skin just didn’t like this foundation, but by the end of the day, my whole face looked like it need blending in again, particularly around my eyes by this time where it had began to fade. Overall, I wasn’t very impressed with this foundation, but i am putting that down to my combination skin and never knowing which bit is dry and which bit is oily.

Eyeshadow in the shade 167:

I bought this white eyeshadow to use a highlighter, as you can by the swatch on my hand, it left a gorgeous shimmer but has no glitter, something I love and always look for in an everyday highlighter! I apply this highlighter to my t-zone, check bones, cupids bow and chin. After applying the product, I would slightly blend it, to make sure I didn’t have lines or bright white marks on my face, I feel like after doing this, I couldn’t see the product until I was in the light and even then it was very faint. However, every time I wear this product, someone always compliments my ‘glow’ or asks what highlighter i am using, so for £2.90, you really can’t go wrong!

I hope you all enjoyed this blog post and I’m sure I’ll have plenty more reviews to come!

much love,





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