So I have something a little different for you all today…

I recently signed up to my friend’s beauty team which has big advantages such as:

-No start up fee
-No minimum order
-Make 43% mark up on products
-Opportunity to make an additional 5% signing up other people who may want to earn some extra money
-Facebook support group
-Help on advertising through social media
As nothing ever comes free now a days, I was very reluctant to starting as I’m never one for having spare money lying around! However, it IS free and my god are those advantages just a small side of what was to come!
So the idea is, that you promote the products and try and get people to buy them from you (cheaper buying from a distributor than online) and you earn points from each purchase. Now I’ve been set a goal by my leader to reach a certain amount of points by the end of this week, which will then lead to me getting a promotion.
How YOU can help
As I mentioned before, you can buy these products through me, so I will now let you know, our bestsellers;
-Plumping lip gloss
-Whitening toothpaste
-Glacial mud mask
-ReNu hair mask to help with hair growth
-Microfibre mascara
Although these products cover a whole range of beauty areas,there is still so many other products that I haven’t listed! If you are looking for a certain beauty product, whether that’s makeup or shower gel, baby hibiscus body wash or even a mud mask to help fight acne…then contact me on to find out what other products we have to offer or to order TODAY! By ordering some of these products through me, you will be helping me to get promoted at the end of the month. All orders will need to be placed by the end of Thursday 29th September 2016 in order to help me get promoted! ANY help that you guys can give will be amazing and it will all be working towards helping me to get a promotion!
Here is a few pictures of products/results for you all to see:
(I get its daunting ordering before you know if something works)
If YOU would like to be part of my beauty team and start selling and promoting these amazing products too, then email me at NOW!
Thanks for any help you can give lovelies!
Look forward to hearing from you all.
Much Love

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