DIY Yeezy Inspired Tee


I am obsessed with the Yeezy trend at the minute, from the ripped tees and sock boots to the ‘homeless chic’ designs. There is so many mixed reviews on these collections but I am IN LOVE! So it gave me an idea to do my own, Yeezy inspired ripped tee, for a fraction of the price!

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed, anything with rips or holes in, is so much more expensive? We should be paying less because it’s less material!

The Yeezy colour palette is just PERFECTION, but I thought I’d pick something different for my DIY Yeezy inspired tee! I chose this pink jumper style tee from Trafford Fashion Outlet, for just Β£8!

How To:

So here is the tee to begin with, I love the material and for Β£8 you can’t go wrong! It’s always best to use a tee that you won’t regret ripping, so I recommend a cheap one that could be replaced! Think about how you want your tee to look, plan it out in your head when it’s on and then get ready to start ripping!

I started off by marking in a white washable crayon, the lines that I wanted to rip. You can chose either rips or holes at this stage but because of the material, I decided to do lines, which turned out like holes anyway when I put it on.

I then just cut, straight across the line, which turned out pretty easy. I pierced a hole with the end of the scissors and then just cut, depending on how I thought it looked, I carried the lines out further.


The finished look at the top.Β Most of the lines I had drawn out, looked too small, so I just carried them on further. I then decided from this, where I wanted the other lines to go, without it looking too much.




I then added cuts to the bottom corner and one of the sleeves. For now, I just did a few rips because it’s better to go back and add more than to do too much to begin with.

My favourite bit to do was the back, because I knew I could do include more rips, without having to worry about what I might be revealing if I cut too low. I wanted to include a big group of rips on the back but soon decided I had drawn too many lines. Because I used a washable crayon, I knew this would wash out.

The finished look! I decided after trying it on, to add another rip to the arm and one to the middle on the front. Putting it on after ripping it, is important to see if you have achieved your desired look. I am SO glad I made this tee, I love it and loved making it! You can add as many rips to your tees as you like, but I went for the subtle look to make it more wearable. You can also recreate this look with jumpers, wish I love the idea of!

How to style your Yeezy inspired tee:


I paired my Yeezy inspired tee with cropped leggings, which come in this beautiful blue colour. For amazing cropped leggings, visit here and here.

Hope you all enjoyed reading this post and if you decided to recreate this look, be sure to tag me in your pictures!

Thanks for reading.

Much love,




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