Halloween Outfit Inspiration // Part 2

Part 2 of 2.

I have saved the best look until last…my mermaid look. This is the look I actually chose for the family Halloween party and I am OBSESSED!!! I had so many Pinterest inspiration posts but the 2 above were my favourite.

The makeup look:

To create this look, I started off with my everyday makeup; my foundation, under-eye concealer and powder, followed by my contour. I decided to do one layer of contour and blend it and then go over with a darker shade and leave the blending until later. I used a slightly darker shade for brows and left the brow gel. I then went in with my hundreds of layers of mascara, curling after every few strokes. (I promise this doesn’t look as tacky as it sounds haha!)

To do my ‘mermaid scales’ I actually used my friends ‘muji makeup storage draw liner’ as funny as that sounds, it worked perfectly! I had to hold this in place as I layered the pink, purple, green and blue eyeshadow which turned out to be quite tricky, any slight movement and the scales wouldn’t work (trust me, I’d been practising all week!) I decided to do one bit of scales above my eyebrow and one at the bottom of my check. I later went on to do one on either arm too. I added glitter to my brows, by layering it straight after I put the gel on them, I also sprayed hairspray really close to my scalp and got my mum to brush glitter down it. I then finished off by blending my contour and adding LOTS of highlighter! I left my lips natural and added white eyeliner to my bottom lids.

I love how this makeup look turned out, but had I had more time, I would have added some little diamonds to the corners of my eyes and maybe above my eyebrows.

The finished look:

Here is my overall finished look…this gorgeous green sequin skirt is from Trafford, the blue crop top is my friends from Topshop, pink sliders from Everything 5 PoundsΒ and choker from Marbles Boutique on Instagram. I printed the shells off of Google (any would match.

I hope you all enjoyed my Halloween series, I think I definitely left the best until last! Let me know which one you preferred in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!

Much Love,




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