Underwear as Outerwear

We’ve all seen the likes of Kim Kardashian and Rita Ora, rocking this current trend, and I have to say…I think I’m hooked! It would never normally be acceptable if you walked outside in your lingerie, but thanks to these celebs, we can get straight out of bed and out the front door!

Although I won’t be sporting the no-t shirt trend just yet, I have been wearing this trend in my own way! Layering pretty, lace intimates with mesh jumpers.

I’m never one for flaunting the flesh but pairing a lace bra with an undone, oversized white shirt or a low back top would be the safest and least revealing way of doing this trend!

My new favourite piece of lace lingerie would have to be this bodysuit from Auroras Angels. Worn with some high-waisted, leather look jeans and black court heels, you have the perfect evening outfit.Β For Autumn/Winter, throw on theirΒ sleeveless waterfall coat and you’re ready to hit the town!


For 20% off at Auroras Angels, use code: JESS20

What do you guys think to the ‘Underwear as Outerwear’ trend and how would you wear it?

Thanks for reading, hope you all enjoyed! Mwah!

Much Love




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