Eyebrows On Fleek


Now a days, if your eyebrows aren’t ‘on fleek’ then no one has any time for you. Eyebrows can define your face and show your true beauty, so when it comes to makeup, I think you should be spending the most time on them! I know full well that my eyebrows take twice as long as any other makeup I use, even longer than my contour!

So when I got sent this little eyebrow kit from BPerfect Cosmetics, I know I was in it for the win. This kit is AMAZING and makes my eyebrow routine a little easier thanks to this handy little kit!


Inside the kit, is a small double ended brushed, one end has a flat, shadow brush and the other a flat, slanted brush. There is a little pack which includes instructions and 3 eyebrows stencils in ‘small’ ‘natural’ and ‘thick’ and the finally is the eyebrow powder.

The lovely team at BPerfect Cosmetics helped my to chose the perfect shade, I simply sent them a photo of my brows and let them know that I like to have them a little darker than I probably should and they suggested the shade ‘charcoal’! After receiving the product, I thought it was way too dark, however, the handy team sent me the best advice on how to use this product to it’s full potential:


I have to say this advice really helped and now I have my eyebrows looking on point!! Thanks to the lovely team for the advice and the product itself!

Hope you all enjoyed this little review, I have many more beauty reviews to come!

Much Love,

Jess X


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