The Ultimate Cleavage

I know for sure that I am not blessed in that area so when I got sent this little tool from Ultimate CleavageΒ I knew I could say ‘bye bye’ to my trusty push up bras!


The idea of this little tool is to clip it to the front of your bra; pulling the two cups together. The difference can be subtle or ‘ultimate’ depending on where you clip it to the front of your bra. Here is my results:


In these pictures, I am just wearing a standard push up bra, but you can see the difference it makes. I love how versatile the little tool is and how little and discrete it is. I would recommend this for party season as it can be worn with any dress, even without a bra and clipped to your dress. There is a slight little pattern on the tool so it isn’t something ugly you would want to hide. It comes in black, silver or gold so you can pick the colour you feel would match with more of your outfits.

This Ultimate Cleavage tool has many uses which can be seen here in the gallery.

I hope you enjoyed this handy little blog post and I’ll be back soon!

Much Love,

Jess x



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