If In Doubt, Pout!

So I recently collaborated with ‘Plump It!‘ and I’ve decided to do a review for you all!

I am not sure about you, but if I am ordering from a new brand or if I’m buying a new beauty product, I ALWAYS search the internet for a review, which is why I have decided to review this product for you all!


At first, I was unsure as to how to use this product but it’s simple when you know how. Hold down the black button on the bottom to release the lip gloss and apply all over your lips. I am just going to warn you all, this DOES sting, very badly! Whenever I buy plumping stuff, I am always wary about this and so far I haven’t came across a product that stings as much as this does!

HOWEVER, if you can put up with this, it works amazingly! I like to use a lot of product (and grit my teeth whilst it stings) because I love how well this works and how much a difference it makes.

Overall, I would only recommend this product if you can cope with your lips strongly stinging for 2 minutes because it can be unbearable sometimes!

Thanks for reading my little review guys, let me know if you’re used this product and how you’re got on, or if you have a plumping lip gloss that you would recommend!

Much love,

Jess x


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