How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Cleaning your makeup brushes is like the biggest chore ever! Someone needs to invent something that cleans them for you! This little Practk brush cleaning tool that I was sent is almost there with self-cleaning brushes! I’ve decided to do a blog post all about how to use it and what I think it. I’ll also let you know all of my tips and tricks for helping your brushes stay fresh!

What It Does:

So this little tool is actually really handy, it has two sides, of which are to clean different brushes. They have grooves of different sizes, the thicker ones are for your bigger brushes and on the other side, the smaller ones are for your smaller brushes. On either side there is also a ‘refine’ part, where you can wipe your brushes off under running water to finish them and shape them back to their original state. This brush cleaner fits nicely on to your hand and can be adjusted down the sides to fit any size hand. It’s made of silicone so is easier for chucking in your makeup bag for on the go and also cleans really easily! Underneath the brush cleaner is 3 little suction caps on either side for you to attach to the sink if you don’t want to get your hands dirty! I loved this little tool although it didn’t stick very well to the sink nor do my brushes feel EXTREMELY clean, but then they do need replacing, so maybe it’s time I treated myself! ((Leave comments with your favourite brushes!)) This definitely makes cleaning your brushes much easier. For a lazy-girl hack, read on to see HOW to clean your brushes.


How To Clean Your Brushes:

The hard part! The bit we all dread…actually cleaning them!! Now as much as we all dread it, it’s actually quite easy once you get started. Attach the little tool to your hand or the sink, as indicated in my picture and order your brushes in terms of ‘dirtiness’. I always start with the cleanest ones and leave the worst until last!

When cleaning your brushes, always use a sensitive/mild shampoo or for best results, use baby products! Johnson’s baby bath and body wash is my favourite and smells beautiful! Put a tiny bit on to each brush before working in circles on the correct side of your brush cleaner…remember thick grooves for thick/big brushes, and small grooves for small brushes! Work the product into the brush by swirling your brush in circles on the cleaner, under running water, I like to use the ‘refine’ part every now and then too just to get rid of any product that has worked it’s way to the surface. When I think the water is running clear, I squeeze the brush between my thumb and fore-finger to ensure the product is coming out of the brush and then I shape the brush on the ‘refine’ part again before lying it flat on a towel or tissue.

Once you have cleaned all of the clean-ish brushes, move on to the dirty ones and follow the same steps as before. For extra quick cleaning, apply some shampoo to the brush cleaner as well. I prefer to do the thicker brushes with the cleaner attached to the sink, because you can press much harder and work further inside the brush. I’m never very delicate when I clean my brushes because I think they clean better this way, but I’m probably doing it all wrong and ruining my brushes! At least that gives me an excuse to buy new ones though ay!

To clean your beauty blenders, soak under running water and then cover with shampoo and squeeze under the water to make it bubble. Then using the smaller-grooved side, gently (and I mean it this time!) rub your beauty blender in circles, apply more product when needed. I find that beauty blenders take a lot longer to clean, but it’s worth it in the end. Don’t rush this step as you are at higher risk or tearing your beauty blender and ruining it like I have a few times! Leave them on a towel (not tissue as it will soak through a lot quicker) and turn regularly until dry. I always find that beauty blenders take approx 2 times longer to dry that brushes, so I advise doing 1 at a time so that you’re not left without!

I leave my brushes to dry over night, laying flat on a towel or tissue, which I then fluff up in the morning by working in circles again on a clean, dry towel. If they still feel/look wet, I will leave until dry. I leave my beauty blenders for 2 nights, before squeezing them while wrapped in a clean, dry towel. By leaving them this long, it gives them time to dry the whole way through as well as shrinking back to their original size. For added freshness, I always spray my brushes with my favourite perfume or body spray so that every time I use them, I get to smell it!

To clean the brush cleaner, simply unfold and fold again the other way round and rub each side against each other under running water, it basically cleans itself!

I hope you enjoyed learning how I clean my makeup brushes with this handy little tool from Practk. I am in no way an expert at this so please don’t moan if you think I’m doing it wrong!

I’ve had a few ‘technical difficulties’ if you’ve wondered where I’ve been for a few days, but we’re all up and fixed again now so you’ll be seeing more of me!

Thanks for reading!

Much love,

Jess x


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