January Lip Monthly Review

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of posts, I have super busy at work with deadlines for my diploma in a few weeks time. If you didn’t know, I am doing an apprenticeship in Digital Marketing and Social Media and after the first year, you get a diploma and the second is a degree! SO brb while I work my ass off to complete this in time! Anyway enough of my excuses, as Valentines is coming up, I couldn’t leave you without a blog post, so there could be a few posts in one go and then a few days without anything but it’s because work life is manic and taking over everything!

SO, I was recently very lucky when Lip Monthly offered me to become one of their affiliates where I would receive one of their cute bags every month to review on my blog. Each bag is different and suited to the month and inside is 4/5 lip products.

This month, they included:

Lord and Berry – Vogue crayon lipstick #7604 black red

Hola neon – velvet liquid lipstick in the shade ‘DF’

Jelly Pong Pong – Liptensity lip gloss in the shade ‘necessity’

Manna Kadar cosmetics – LipLOCKED Priming Lipstick in the shade ‘Bliss’

All of these shades were BEAUTIFUL and I was so impressed with the colour choices! I have decided to review each colour separately but have not included pictures of what they look like on as I’ve had  a recent breakout and all of the pictures were awful…*crying face*but don’t worry, here you can see them swatched on my hand…


  • The Jelly Pong Pong – Liptensity lip gloss in the shade ‘necessity’ was probably a bit bright for me and I wouldn’t wear it during the day, maybe on a night out with a statement lip. The colour looked very watery and it was VERY sticky which put me off. When I tried to clean he colour off however, it took ages and left a stain on my hand that was still sticky. I would recommend this product if you love bright lip colours, if not…it’s a no from me! The bright packaging would encourage me to try other products, even if I wasn’t so impressed with the product!
  • Next is the Hola neon – velvet liquid lipstick in the shade ‘DF’ this colour was my favourite and looked like a dupe of the Kylie Jenner Lip Kits. It was a very thick consistency and lasted, again the whole day! I was very impressed with this lip colour as well as the cute packaging and the little emojis hidden inside! This was my favourite product and I would recommend to anyone!
  • Last but not least is the Lord and Berry – Vogue crayon lipstick #7604 black red. Now I always hear people rave about this brand and I’ve always been curious to try. After using this product, I get it. I get why everyone goes mad for it. Everything about this product was amazing!! A little goes a long way which is great when you can’t be bothered to keep sharpening it every time you use it! This lip crayon stained my lips, bu not in a bad way…it was freakin’ amazing! The perfect shade, combination and consistency. AND it lasted beautifully too.

I can’t wait to see the February bag and hopefully get to review it for you all. This bag is so handy if like me, you don’t like to spend a lot on a lip colour in case you don’t love it. If YOU would like to subscribe to the Lip Monthly – monthly bags, then use the code: JESS for  55% off your first bag!! As a subscriber, you will now have a ‘customisation page’ where you can select 1-3 shades of your products. How can you say no to this?! Get ordering and send me some pictures of you wearing the lip colours! I love seeing your porducts and comments!!

Thanks again for reading guys and I’m sorry if you don’t hear from me for a while…be sure to like, comment and subscribe and I’ll see you soon.

Much love,

Jess x


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