Get Date Night! // Collab

Now this post has been a long time coming but I thought, what better time to upload than Valentines Day. I was actually sent this cute little ‘Date Night’ box just before Christmas but felt like it was a bit of a random time to write a review on it. SO, here it is (like 2 months after I received it)…

So this box is basically a date night in a box, it comes with cute little notes to talk you through your date night and what to expect from the box. Each month, a different box is realised with little goodies for you to enjoy as a couple. My box was beautifully personalised to me and my boyfriend, Tom, in which was 7 different tasks and wrapped treats for us to enjoy as a couple. Now don’t worry, this is safe for you to read and is in NO WAY sexual!

So this is what the box looked like, it was a very sturdy box and I actually still have it and I am using it to store beauty products, Inside was my personalised letters and ‘guide to’ the box.

Because this was the Christmas box, we got some REAL mistletoe inside the box, which I dunno about you, but I have never seen before! There was also 7 little envelopes, with the steps to your ‘date night’ box. I’m not sure how many times I can fit the word ‘cute’ into one blog post, but this box is actually SO cute and it’s such a lovely idea. If you’re like us and struggle to think of date night ideas, then this box is perfect for a chilled night in and actually most stages, last longer than the one date night. You can subscribe to your own monthly Get Date Night box here.

So, let me talk you through this cute little box…

So step 1 was to light these lavender candles and put on the Date Night Spotify playlist.


Step 2 was to apply this calming oil to your partners forehead, temples, back of necks and wrists. Now this may seem a little strange at first, especially with the soothing music playing in the background, but I can’t stress to you how much this actually calms you, I have actually tried putting this on before bed and it surprisingly helps me sleep much better!


Step 3 was to put the kettle on and make yourself one of these rooibos teas. Now Tom hates hot drinks so I enjoyed this on my own. I’m not a fan of herbal teas so I just left the teabag in for less time and it was actually really yummy!

Step 4 was to apply this face-mask which felt AH-MAZING, so soothing and cooling, and to apply slices of cucumber to your eyes, we had a real laugh with this stage and tom even fell sleep (hence I got to take a photo, hehe)!

Step 5 was to sprinkle the rose petals in to the bath Β and use the soap to wash, which left the bath really creamy (not weird I promise)..Now I didn’t get a picture of the rose petals before they were in the bath because I was just so excited! And the soap was just your standard white bar of soap and had a lovely smell of gardens and flowers.

Step 6 was the main part of the box, the massage. Inside was the little massage oil and the step by step guide on how to do the massage. This was very handy as I’m always getting moaned at that I can’t give good back massages! A little goes a long way with this massage oil so apply generously!

Last but not least was step 7, the yummiest part…the chocolate part!! These truffles were gorgeous and Tom didn’t want his so I got them both!


I hope this blog post has gave you some ideas on date night and how to tackle ‘staying in is the new going out’! From now on, it’s time to think INSIDE the box, get ordering your Get Date Night monthly subscription box and make the most of your date night! From now on; DATE NIGHT, EVERY NIGHT!!

Order now and gift the gift of love this Valentines, treat your special someone to the best Valentines present, that you can BOTH enjoy!

Thanks again for reading guys and HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!

I love you all,

Jess x



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