Life Update and Competition Time

Hello guys…wow it’s been so long since I’ve sat here and checked in with you guys *sad face*, but I’m back, officially back this time, and I just thought I’d give you a little life update and let you know what’s been going on and what to expect from me as of now!

So, I’ve been super busy at work because I’m actually an apprentice, in Digital Marketing and Social Media and I have just reached the end of my Level 3 course, which means I’ve had coursework coming out of my ears!! There’s been deadlines every day and stupid amounts of paperwork to sign and complete. But, GOOD NEWS…it’s now all over for Level 3 and I am all passed and have a diploma under my belt (how exciting)! Which leaves me at the stage of what to do next…Now, there are many choices but none of which I am 100% on; I can stay on to do Level 4, which would give me a degree, change careers altogether and go into PR or go back to my old ways and go back into visual merchandising, however this time in home-ware. I have always wanted to be ‘famous’ and feel like eventually my blog will piece this together for me nicely, but until then, I need to build up my CV and get that looking as fashion-friendly as I can. Many people will cringe at the word ‘famous’ but hey, everyone has goals and as big and unrealistic mine probably are, I’m willing to try my absolute hardest to get there. I used to cry when I was younger and say that I never wanted to work and just wanted to be famous, so this is a childhood dream for me looool…but anyway, seriously, I would love to be a full-time blogger and YouTuber and work with professionals on photo-shoots and my website/channel creation, I’d love to create work that everyone loved and was of high quality, something I struggle with now because of costs and time! My ultimate goal would be to turn my blog into something like SheerLuxe, which started off as a blog and is now a website that uploads several posts a day, with anything from beauty, fashion, lifestyle, food, news and celebrity goss. It’s my idea of heaven, with anything you’d possibly need all in one place. Imagine having hundreds of people work on YOUR blog and being able to upload THAT often, it would be absolutely amazing and that is a goal I set for myself! As well as this, I always set myself goals such as owning a Range Rover by the time I am 25 or having a house in 3 years, that make me want to work harder, just so I can achieve and prove everyone wrong that tells me it’s unrealistic. I like to set myself goals and I think it’s important, as it makes you want to work harder and give everything your all, it always makes me believe in myself more and gives me something to look forward to, even if it is many years away. So, for the time being, I need to find a job that I enjoy, that pays well and gives me exciting opportunities and grows my knowledge of the fashion world. We always say that money isn’t important or the key to finding a job, but we also know how we rely on money for almost everything and it CAN make you happy…remember the quote “whoever said money can’t buy happiness, clearly doesn’t know where to shop.” So, these next few years will be full of hard work, tough love and even tougher decisions to get me exactly where I want to be.

So, what can you expect from me? I now PROMISE that I will be uploading at least once a week, with the intention of uploading three times, even if some of these posts are just outfit posts. I will be regularly uploading on Instagram, which is what I do now, so for more updates or to check in on me, head over there. I will also be starting my own YouTube channel which SHOULD be coming very soon, but I can’t promise anything. I am in talks of starting my channel and have a list as long as my arm with video ideas, but as you can imagine, it will also be very time consuming. However when it all starts, you will be the first to know! It’s a very exciting time and gets me one step closer to where I want to be.

On another exciting note, if you haven’t already seen on my Instagram, I am hosting a competition with fellow blogger Rebecca Jayne, in which we are giving away a huge bundle of beauty and fashion products. To enter; simply head over to my Instagram, like one of the *GIVEAWAY posts, follow both Rebecca and I and tag 2 friends in my post, for extra entries, you can repost and tag us both.


The competition ends tomorrow (08/03/17) at 6pm so there’s not long left for you all to enter! I look forward to seeing all of you newbies on my Instagram and picking the final winner!

Now I think that’s everything that’s been going on lately and my little life update for you all, it may be a little long for some but those of you who have made it to here, well done you!;) Thanks so much for reading, I will be back soon with some more posts for you, so look out for that! And that’s it from me, soooo…

Much love,

Jess x



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