30 Blog Post Ideas for Spring/Summer

It’s normal for us sometimes to have mind-block and not be able to think of any blog posts to make, so I’ve decided to write a list for you (which is what I do best) of 30 blog posts that are perfect for Spring/Summer…whether they inspire you or you copy them, may your spring/summer planning be 10 times easier after this!

  1. Spring clear out/cleaning – clothes, shoes, makeup … how to.
  2. How to dress for that awkward change between winter and spring. (crossing seasons.)
  3. Summer picnic ideas.
  4. Easter DIY.
  5. Come strawberry picking with me – what I wore, picking the perfect basket/bag to take with you.
  6. Summer drink DIY.
  7. Beach bag checklist.
  8. How to relax in the summer heat.
  9. What to pack in your hand luggage/hand luggage essentials.
  10. DIY beach waves.
  11. Summer proof makeup.
  12. Favourite summer lip/nail colours.
  13. Travel bucket list.
  14. Ways to spend your days off in summer.
  15. Fake tan tips – safer than the sun.
  16. Top summer playlists.
  17. How to stay hydrated in summer.
  18. Top sandal trends.
  19. My summer wardrobe essentials.
  20. How to get that summer glow – hair/skin.
  21. How to protect your skin/hair from the heat.
  22. My top 5 summer recipes.
  23. Easter cake ideas and recipes.
  24. A roundup of summer road trips – favourite places, places you’d visit again.
  25. Visit somewhere new and create a mini travel guide.
  26. DIY popsicles.
  27. Create a summer ‘to read’ list.
  28. Summer staples – key beauty pieces for summer.
  29. How to edit your ‘natural lighting’ photos.
  30. Beach favourites – products, books etc.

Hopefully you’re now feeling inspired for spring/summer and you have loads of ideas of blogs you can write. If you choose any of these ideas and re-create them on your blog, please send me your pictures/tag me in your pictures on Instagram, I’d love to see!

Thanks for reading!

Many thanks,

Jess x


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