Blonde Bombshells – How to rock the in colour and who to take inspiration from

We all know the saying; ‘blondes have more fun’ and it’s true, we do! Which is why some of the top celebs are dying their hair blonde too. Whether it’s break-up hair, new-man hair, new you hair or you just fancy a change, this is how to rock the in colour and who to take inspiration from!

The new blonde craze has gone platinum, forget ashy tones, bring on the bleach and don’t worry about styling!

Blonde hair to inspire you:

While Khloe poses in her extensions, Kendall shows us how to fake it in a wig for her new Pepsi ad, Katie goes for the new look and Kim brings back the side fringe.

Although this new blonde-do makes us want to grab for the bleach, we’ve all got to appreciate the time and effort it takes to get there – minus you Kendall, you’re doing it right!

Now as a natural blonde, I can tell you a lot of my own little hair secrets but there is also a lot of things that you need to consult from a professional. So be prepared to be mocked, and called ‘stupid’, be prepared for extremelyΒ dry hair but make the most of the in look, because although it may take a while to get there, and stereo-typically our hair makes us incompetent (please enlighten me with how) …we really do more fun!

So for the best show stopping platinum in town, follow my top 5 tips and you’ll be telling J-Law to eat her heart out…

  1. Be prepared to spend A LOT of money and time. Blonde hair doesn’t come easy, especially when you have dark hair. Roots are the worst thing to come of blonde hair, so if you can’t rock the roots like Khloe, be prepared to spend a lot of time in that hairdresser’s chair.
  2. Rope in the professionals – there’s nothing worse than green hair. No really. Them box dyes really can make your hair go green and trust me, no one wants to walk around looking like a 19th century troll toy. Β So if you really want to go blonde, consult in a hairdresser, get their advice and their tips and for god sake, let them do the dying!
  3. A change of hair needs a change of makeup – as if you thought maintaining the hair cost a lot, there’s more to it than that. The red lippy you used to be to able to rock, may now be off the cards, but it’s not just your lippy that you need to be changing, it’s your foundation. You’re probably going to look paler now you’re platinum blonde, so ditch the dark and opt for natural, even just a BB cream until everyone’s used to it. Only then must you fake tan too…there’s nothing worse than a dirty-bleach-blonde-orange-bimbo! #WannabeBarbie
  4. Look after yourself – just because you’re blonde now, and the hairdresser has done all of the hard work and you’re booked in to have your roots done in 6 six weeks time, this does not mean that you’re hair will be left looking beautiful, or blonde when you get home. I suggest you invest in a purple shampoo, I recommend PRO:VOKEΒ – touch of silver. This will keep the blonde looking shiny and will prolong the colour. I also suggest you do weekly hair masks to keep the moisture in your hair. Bleach can be very drying and there’s nothing worse than your ends snapping off. Avoid over-washing and think more deep nourishing.
  5. Grow some balls – I touched on this before, but this won’t be the last time you hear of this. We all know that blondes are ‘stupid’ and the colour of our hair means we don’t have a brain. But girl, c’mon…do we really think this is true? Like the colour of your hair has anything to do with your knowledge. If anything, let the blonde hair show people how powerful you are…be a proud blonde!


After you’ve braved the chair and you’ve spent endless hours trying to perfect the look, may your new blonde hair bring out the #GirlPower inside and show you who’s boss. Forget what other’s have to say, prove them wrong. Because you’re about to rock the trendy’est hair of the season, so you’ll be turning heads for all of the right reasons.

Thanks for reading guys!

Much love,

Jess x


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