My favourite hair products and how the Tyme iron saved my life … and my hair

In case you hadn’t already noticed, my newest obsession is hair…and I think it’s ever since mine actually started growing, which has only been happening for the past few months. Them extra few inches means a few extra minutes that I’m spending perfecting my hair, both styling and nourishing it. From wearing a hair mask twice a week to minimal styling, these new hair products have saved me time, money, my life and my hair!IMG_5666[1]

Now if I talk you through my old hair routine, it would be to wash it, every day, with any shampoo, may that be cheap or extremely cheap. I never invested in shampoo and my hair was really starting to show for that. I never used to brush it and the odd time I did, I’d do it when it was wet and it hack away at all of the knots..splitting all of my ends in the process. I’d never use heat protector or conditioning masks and I used to straighten it every. single. day. And I mean EVERY DAY, without fail. Which is why I was due for a hair meltdown any time soon.

What made me change this you may be wondering?! Well I invested in a hair cut. As simple as that. One simple (pricey) hair cut and my hair game changed. It’s mad how beautiful one simple haircut can make you feel…I left the hairdressers, looking and feeling like a princess and I’ve been trying to keep that perfect hair ever since then.

A regular (6-8) week haircut or trim is key to health and growth of your hair, I recommend Barrie Stephens if you are in the Leicester area. The quality of your hair cut and the time they invest in not just your hair, but you is amazing, and I’ve been left feeling like a princess every time I leave that salon chair now.

To keep my hair extra healthy when between my salon appointments, I wash my hair, between 2-3 times a week and use a conditioning hair mask twice a week. I use the Neal and Wolf hair oil after every wash and the Bed Head shine products to keep my hair looking glossy and shiny and I ALWAYS use a heat spray.


I try to style my hair as little as possible but whenever I do I swear by 2 hair bobbles and I NEVER stray from these…Invisibobbles and HI Doll hair ties. I tend to either tie my hair in a top knot or pony tail and spritz with some Tresemme ‘salon finish’ hairspray.

If I don’t tie my hair up, I use my newest best friend…the Tyme Iron. Now this is the best blogger mail I have EVER received, and I feel very lucky to have one. This Tyme Iron isn’t like your normal straightening iron, as you may be able to see its slightly bent or curved…and this is where the magic is. The Tyme Iron is a curler and straightener all in one, and it’s not like the old ‘2 in 1’ curler/straightener you used to use when you were little. To learn more about the Tyme Iron and it’s specs, check out this link. Not only does this iron straightening your hair more then some of the top leading straighteners, it also lasts twice as long. With mine lasting 2 days … my GHD’s don’t even make it to lunch time, yet alone through the night and through another day. The curls that the iron makes can be changed by the way you hold it, again, this lasts so much longer that other irons, with my curls surviving three whole days!!! (Now THIS is what I love about reviewing products, something that makes your life easier and you hair look better.) Not only is this product quick to use, it makes you hair last longer AND its the most beautiful god damn hair product I think I’ve ever laid my eyes on! They have loads of helpful videos to help and teach you about the products and they also have some new beautiful products launching which you can see on their Instagram.


Whenever I brush my hair, which is now like 10 times a day, I use a Tangle Teezer which I can’t rave about enough…they don’t pull or damage your hair in any way and they work amazingly if you or your children don’t like to brush your hair. When styling my hair, I use the Vogetti back-combing brush, in which I can use the tip to part my hair and the brush to give my hair that extra volume we all crave.

I’m always sure to brush my hair now and give it time to breath by not washing it everyday, I also make sure I don’t over-style it as this is what makes it split and dry. As I had my hair bleached, I make sure I use a hair mask at least twice a week to ensure its looking and feeling as nourished as it can possibly be. When your hair feels great, it makes you feel great!

Thanks so much for reading guys.

Much love,

Jess x


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