My Night-Time Skincare Routine

I’ve never been one for having a massive skincare routine but I do know the importance of looking after your skin. One key thing for great skin is a good diet…which my love of chocolate kind of ruins, but drinking at least 2 litres of water everyday, is also a massive factor. I make sure that I drink more than 2 litres of water a day now, to flush out all of the toxins and keep my skin looking hydrated.

Now I don’t have perfect skin, not at all, I actually suffer with acne, so as much time as I do spend on my skin, not much really helps! But keeping it simple, using just a few products, is starting to slowly help cure my irritating spots. If any of you know of any good products that help with acne or something that may even cure it (a girl can hope) then please please please don’t be shy, and comment them down below!


So to start my night time skincare routine, I use the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, which I rub in circular motions all over my face before using the cloth, soaked in hot water to wipe it all off. I then rinse my face in cold water to close my pores.


I then use this sponge from The Konjac Sponge Company which I use to scrub the ‘problem areas’ of my skin. This spongeΒ deep cleans pores to eliminate blackheads and dirt whilst absorbing excess oils and toxins, it’s great for exfoliating also.


While I wait for my skin to dry, I use this body brushΒ which I use on my legs, bum, arms and stomach. I’ve been struggling with cellulite lately so this is a massive help.


To finish off my night time skin care routine I put Sudocrem on all of my spots, before brushing my teeth and heading off to bed! I don’t blend the Sudocrem in, I apply it quite thick and leave it to sink in over night.


So there you have it! …My night time skin care routine. It may sound quite simple or even quite a lot to some of you, but it’s took me a while to find products that my sensitive skin can cope with and I finally feel like I’m getting there. I finally feel like I’m going to have good skin!

Thanks so much for reading again guys, hope you enjoyed, catch you soon.

Much love,

Jess x


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