March Lip Monthly Review

Hey guys, I’m back with the next Lip Monthly review, this time its the March bag, which had such pretty shades in. Just like last time if you use the code: JESS you get 55% off your first bag. And for those of you who are lucky enough to subscribe to the bags, you will now have a ‘customisation page’ where you can select 1-3 shades of your products, which is fab!


This months bag included a face mask (Leaders Insolution 7 wonders amazonian açai anti-pollution mask) which I refuse to take pictures in these sheet masks because there is no way in hell that anyone can make them look pretty! However I must admit that my skin was left GLOWING after using it! Definitely recommend.


There was another Manna Kaddar LipLocked priming lipstick this time in the shade in Karma, which again lasted for ages and this time was so strong in colour. I love the red shade and is different to the usual nude that I wear everyday. I will be trying to add this colour in to my everyday makeup for sure.


This month there was also a Manna Kadar priming lip wand. This is like a giant, thick crayon and creates quite a subtle shade on your lips. This is in the shade j’adore which is a ‘blushing nude’. I prefer this lip wand to the priming lipsticks and is much more softer on your lips.


This was my favourite lip product in this months bag, it was so smooth and moisturising on my lips and although very very subtle, it seemed to last all day. This is shade ‘Lipstick 6‘ from Coastal Scents which is almost clear on the lips. I would 100% consider trying out other products from this brand, I was highly impressed. Plus, the packaging was so beautiful.


Thanks so much for reading guys, I will be back very soon with the April Lip Monthly review. See you soon!

Love jess xxx


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