My Handbag Essentials

Hey guys, so I got a new handbag so felt it was only right to do a blog post based around this and what better way than to show you than what’s inside. So here’s my handbag essentials, the stuff I can’t live without and the stuff you will ALWAYS find in my handbag.


So let’s just start with one thing, I always have a neat bag and I never have food in there to prevent there from being any crumbs. I’m particularly more strict now I have a new bag, this one I got for my birthday from my boyfriend, Tom and it’s Carvela by Kurt Geiger. I always keep my bag neat inside and everything has a set place, this is because I’m OCD about it and also because it makes things easier to find.

So here are all of the essentials that I cram into my tiny bags…

  • Tangle TeezerΒ – perfect for on the go and especially handy if you get caught in the wind/rain.
  • Sunglasses.
  • My phone – omg I feel lost without it!
  • Mirror – you know so you can check yourself every 10 minutes. Does my hair look ok? Is there lipstick on my teeth?
  • Oil control blotting papers – there’s nothing worse than greasy skin so having these in my bag means I can just blot up the grease and look good as new.
  • Lip balm – who doesn’t love soft lips?
  • Hair ties – these ‘no snag’ ones from Hi Doll are amazing!
  • Hand cream.
  • Body spray/Perfume – these Jack Wills ones are my favourite at the minute.
  • Headphone splitter – so you can share your favourite music with your bestie, wherever you are.
  • Tissues.
  • Pen and paper.

So there you go, my handbag essentials. What do you pack into your bag? Is it crammed full or do you just put your phone and purse inside? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks once again for reading, you guys are awesome!

Love jess xxx


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