Summer Sandal Staples

I’m so excited for summer, I can’t wait for the long nights, warm weekends and endless BBQ’s. I’m that excited, I have decided to have a summer themed week on my blog this week! To kick things off, I’ve got my summer sandal staples for you. These are the styles I am lusting over and will be investing in this year (maybe not every pair, I would be skint.)

From flats to heeled sandals, here are my top picks…

Thanks so much in advance for reading guys, hope this spam of sandals helps you find your perfect summer pair!

Much love beauts,

Jess. X

890098_fr_pp DP19963710_Large_F_1

DP19969011_Large_M_1 TS32F34LMUL_Zoom_M_1

DP19964245_Large_F_1 TS42H57LBLK_Zoom_M_1

8462896-1-black TS32N59LOGE_Zoom_M_1

dezi_beige-taupe_32_main_sq_gy_1600x1600 7707628-1-black

8096352-1-nude download (1)

003188014 kg-kurt-geiger-kg-by-kurt-keiger-madamme-black-suede-slide-flat-sandals

SD_01_T02_0788A_Y0_X_EC_90 8526495-1-black

8390680-1-black 7707603-1-black

0289724979_1 cammila_metallic_82_alt2_sq_nt_1600x1600

rs970_fray_denim_slide_black 8231986-1-blue

8239773_fpx download

bfd392fa7d9ee7ccc961b831eb12dd45 5782584209_1

black-faux-fur-pearl-detail-platform-sliders evlyn_black_96_alt3_sq_nt_1600x1600

713-149s 7843466-1-denim

7780990-1-pink 7514447209_1

2bcca48417b3db795543f9c055a02722176-347s4 7374046-1-leowhite  SD_01_T02_0788A_A0_X_EC_1 658-653ss4 923-10004-0594184269_NAVY_M 8008041-1-grey white-eyelet-asymmetric-sandals 7735700109_1
7692484-1-bluedenim 0826350209_10324700109_5 silver-glitter-platform-gladiator-sandals 3524201202_2_3_1 7079084209 7707256-1-gingham




































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