What to pack in your beach bag

Before I get started on this blog post, can we all just take a minute to appreciate the beauty that is my beach bag…I was very kindly gifted this personalised bag and I feel like the luckiest girl on earth. Just look at all of its handmade goodness!! I want to say a MASSIVE thank you to Lieblingsstück for sending me this bag of dreams!

Now whenever I go on holiday, I’m always faced with the question; what do you pack in your beach bag? Now you think it’s simple, the essentials: a towel, cover up, sunglasses, bikini (if you’re not already wearing it) and some sun cream, maybe even some water. But as soon as you get to the beach, it’s a different story. You suddenly need some money for them new flip flops you’ve wanted for…ever? You need a drink of water and maybe even some food. You have a bikini malfunction and need ANOTHER one or you forgot your hair bobble – BIG disaster! Who can cope with this stress? NOT ME! So, I’ve got you covered ladies, the perfect beach-bag essentials, so you never need to worry about forgetting a thing when you’re hitting the beach.


So, start with the obvious: your swimsuit if you aren’t already wearing it and a cover up for when you don’t want to be skimping around the beach or it’s too hot to put your normal clothes back on. I actually recommend wearing your swimsuit to the beach with your cover up over the top, this way you don’t really need any spare clothes – plus it’s totally acceptable when you’re on holiday abroad to walk around in a semi-sheer dress with your bum hanging out the bottom with your cool new Havaianas you picked up for €8 but please don’t try this if you’re at home in the UK; it’s 100% not even worth thinking about; you’ll get cold and maybe even arrested. Pack your beach towel – here’s my top pick for a cute beach towel.


Here are the necessities that you probably forget every time: sun cream, remember it’s safer to start with a higher factor and as your holiday goes on, only then can you lower the factor. I recommend this sun cream. Check out Superdrug’s guide to SPF suncream. Sunglasses and sun hat; there’s nothing worse than having sun in your eyes or a burnt scalp – both these items also help to keep your hair out of your face and your hat can even be used to shield your face during sunbathing. A good book or that new magazine you bought especially for this trip, a camera – I like to take disposables on holiday, as it doesn’t matter if it gets lost or broken and then you have the images printed off rather than living on your camera for ever. RIP to all of them photos I used to take on my camera and never did anything with. Why not pack your sun cream with these next pieces in a cute little water-proof bag, this way they will always be kept dry and won’t get lost in your bag; hair bobbles – or these cute Hi Doll – no snag bobbles and hair grips, lip balm with an spf – you don’t want burnt lips, it’s very painful, a hair brush – mine would definitely have to be my tangle teezer, a bit of money – for emergencies…or that cute new top that you really don’t need, headphones, wipes – for freshening up, body spray/spray deodorant – you still need to smell nice on the beach, your phone (ofc) and a waterproof case; so that you can take cute photos on your phone without having to worry about getting water splashed on it. I also recommend taking a bottle of water to the beach, to keep you hydrated throughout the day. Take a blanket if you have access to one, so that you can sunbath on that and have the towel for when you need drying off from the sea. Take spare clothes if you think you may need them.

Now you may be wondering, how do I pack all of this in my bag? Well it’s ok, here’s how to pack your beach bag:

  • Place your beach towel inside your blanket and roll tightly. Put this into your bag vertically so that you can pull it out first, without having to worry about taking everything else out. You can also lay your towel down (leaving your blanket vertical) to act as a soft cushion at the bottom of your bag.
  • I would generally recommend the heavier items to go in next; such as your camera and bottle of water or a spare pair of clothes. You could even wrap your camera in your clothes to ensure it doesn’t get damaged or stolen.
  • Place books and magazines down the side of the bag, this way they are less likely to get damaged and are held upright in your bag so you won’t get any awkward bent corners.
  • Put your water-proof bag in next – add your phone inside until you need it – it will be double-protected if it is already in its water-proof case and you won’t panic when it slides to the bottom of your bag and you have that mini heart attack. The most important thing for me is always knowing where my phone is, so I always keep it somewhere safe with easy access so that I can check it if I need.
  • Lay your cover up on top if you don’t have it on. This will keep everything a little bit hidden and covered from the heat.
  • Don’t forget your glasses case – you don’t want them getting scratched!
  • Take an empty plastic bag for your wet suit to keep everything else dry.


So, my top five tips for your beach bag would be:

  1. Keep your electricals safe and in waterproof cases.
  2. ALWAYS wear sun cream and don’t forget your lips and scalp!
  3. Be sure to stay hydrated throughout the day to avoid headaches or passing out.
  4. Only take the essentials from your purse – you don’t want to be worrying about having loads of money or your debit card on you. A few pounds (or whatever it converts to where you are) will be enough. You might only want an ice-cream or drink.
  5. Take a plastic bag for your wet swimsuit so that it doesn’t soak everything else.

With all of this ‘serious’ stuff in mind, there’s one last thing for me to tell you about your holiday, have fun! Now of course you might not even take a beach bag, but this are the things that I can’t live without at the beach or the things I remember I want, once I am already there.

Thanks so much for reading guys – I will be back with more summer themed blogs soon.

Much love,

Jess. X


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