My Top Summer Outfits

I love styling up outfits more than I love actually getting dressed in to them. I could spend hours putting together outfits but HATE having to try them on (which normally ends in me looking like a sack of spuds.)

But this summer, I’ve found my style and I’ve found some outfits that make me look AND feel good…if I do say so myself. So I’ve decided to share my top summer outfits with you and where YOU can purchase these pretty items.

Top (meant to be a dress)   Jeans   Shoes   Sunglasses   Watch

Top   Skirt  Bag  Watch  Sunglasses

Jacket   Top   Skirt   Earrings   Belt   Watch

Shirt   Bralette   Skirt   Bag   Belt   Watch

Jacket   Skirt   Top   Belt   Watch   Ring

Shirt   Skirt   Belt


Thanks so much for reading guys, let me know what you think to the outfits!

Much love,

Jess xxx


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