25 Blog Post Ideas for Beauty Bloggers

Hey to all my beauty bloggers, I’ve got your backs this time. 25 blog post ideas to get your beauty blogging underway.

  1. High street vs Designer – this can be a specific look or even a certain product you have found a great dupe of.
  2. Seasonal makeup looks.
  3. A 5-product look – pick 5 products and do a whole face of makeup with them.
  4. Everyday makeup look.
  5. Nail colours for specific seasons.
  6. Fake tan tips.
  7. Best waterproof mascaras.
  8. Evening/morning skincare routine.
  9. What’s currently in my makeup bag.
  10. A day to night look.
  11. How to whiten your teeth – speak about own experiences if possible or look into the best products on the market and potentially review them.
  12. Favourite products at the minute – you can narrow this down and do a specific post for lipsticks, nail varnishes, cleansers etc.
  13. Empties – what you have ran out of and will be re-purchasing.
  14. Monthly favourites.
  15. How to clean your makeup brushes.
  16. Makeup hacks and tips – think of what you face every day and how you did/will overcome it. For example: how to stop mascara from smudging onto your lids or how to stop your lipstick from bleeding.
  17. Makeup storage ideas.
  18. Your holy grail products.
  19. Products you were disappointed with.
  20. Top 5… mascaras/foundations etc.
  21. Best products for long-lasting makeup.
  22. Your foundation routine to flawless skin.
  23. A high street or designer makeup wish list.
  24. Your makeup collection.
  25. ‘No makeup’ makeup look – natural.

THIS has been my favourite post that I’ve done to help you guys. It’s helped to inspire me also, so you’ll be seeing some of these new blog post ideas on my blog soon! If you decide to try one of my post ideas, please copy and paste the link into my comments so that I can check it out!

Thanks so much for reading my huns!

Much love,



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