Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

Now I know when I read someone’s blog that I love to see their #ootd’s however it can sometimes be a bit boring when their blog is just their outfits. I love to see them mix it up a bit and talk about things a little controversial or about something that means something to them. I’m all for feminism and fighting for what us beautiful ladies deserve, I love to celebrate femininity and all things pink, so you shouldn’t be afraid too either. In order to be a successful blogger, you need to stand out. You need to talk about things that make you worry when you first upload it, talk about things that bother you or brands that empower and celebrate women. Or even men! If you’re a male blogger, do the same; talk about your views on current affairs or masculinity, but please…keep it clean!

Here are my top blog posts for lifestyle bloggers and ways to mix your blog up a little bit:

  1. The blogger behind the blog – get to know me: talk about yourself.
  2. Talk about celebrity stories in the news – give your opinions and be honest.
  3. How you got into blogging.
  4. How blogging changed your life.
  5. Your favourite hobbies.
  6. Your future goals.
  7. Your mantras – all the quotes that make you happy and keep you sane!
  8. Talk about something that people don’t know about you.
  9. Explain something that means something to you – can be happy or sad.
  10. Book review.
  11. Day in your life.
  12. Places you’ve visited or want to visit.
  13. Do a roundup of your favourite memories and share them.
  14. Share your skills – sell yourself in a post, you never know, a potential employer could be reading it.
  15. What you did over the weekend.
  16. Host a giveaway.
  17. Talk about your morning routine.
  18. 10 things to be happy about / 10 things that make you
  19. Write about something you overcame.
  20. Write about your role model and what you’ve learned from them.
  21. Bucket list.
  22. Express your opinion on a recent event – can be negative or positive.
  23. Write about who and want inspires/motivates you.
  24. Share a story about yourself – funny, scary.
  25. Period horror stories – we all love hearing the traumatic events we dread that other people have encountered!
  26. Share the best advice ever given to you.
  27. Q&A.
  28. Your favourite bloggers and why you like them.
  29. Share your photography tips.
  30. Talk about feminism – what it means to you and how it has effected your life.
  31. Interview a fellow blogger.
  32. Summarise a modern debate and give your opinion.
  33. Talk about something that has been controversial in the news – when a celeb makes an honest comment and gets moaned at for it but in reality, everyone agrees with.
  34. Share a negative experience with a brand and why you should be careful when it comes to online shopping.
  35. What is your fitness routine?
  36. Share pictures of your workspace/office.
  37. How to relax after a long day.
  38. Share your music playlist – why those songs and what they mean to you / how they make you feel.
  39. What’s in your bag.
  40. Your top 10 YouTubers.
  41. Gift guide – for him/her birthdays/Christmas.
  42. What you got for your birthday – might sound like you are bragging but everyone loves to be nosey!
  43. How you edit your Instagram phots.
  44. Your favourite recipes.
  45. Monthly favourites.
  46. Office/kitchen/wardrobe organisation.
  47. Checklist posts – what to pack for a holiday.
  48. Problem/solution posts – this can relate to any kind of blog from fashion and beauty to travel or fitness.
  49. Start some controversy – this will really get the discussion going and help to boost your stats.
  50. Give away something people charge for – such as stock photos.

Guys, this has been a long one! But I got so carried away and I was feeling so inspirational for you guys. Obviously, I don’t expect you to talk about all of these areas, only do what you feel comfortable with and always think to yourself, ‘who the hell cares!?’ because you’re going to do so much better for yourself if you’re you than if you try to be quiet and ‘fit in’. Don’t be afraid to talk about things that mean something to you!

Thanks for reading guys – please use this post in a positive way and use these ideas to inspire your creativity!

Much love beauts,

Jess. X


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