11 Ways to a Flat stomach

I’m forever hearing of people saying they’re working on their ‘summer body’ however what’s wrong with enjoying and loving your body every season? I’m all for looking great on holiday, but if like me, you’re regretting skipping them gym sessions, then don’t fear. There is still so much more you can do for a ‘quick fix’.

Calorie count – While no one condones calorie counting a long-term situation, if you struggle to stay on track, short term it can help. Try cutting down your daily calorie intake by as little as a quarter of your recommended daily average and you will notice a difference in almost a week.

Cook from scratch – Who knows what’s truly in pre-made meals and sauces. By making your own meals from scratch, you can keep a close eye on everything that goes in and can avoid sugar, salt and any other unwanted extras.

Cut out sugar – We all know that sugar should be avoided as much as possible. But for your quick holiday fix, you need to try even harder to cut out the high-calorie intake of sugar. This is because it causes bloating and makes your blood sugar levels fluctuate, meaning you’ll only end up craving it more, leading to snacking during the day.

Fill up on protein – Be sure to add protein to every meal and snack to keep you feeling fuller for longer and to keep those pesky hunger-feelings at bay.

Stay off wine – A tough one for some, but if you want fast results, this is one of the best ways of slimming down. You don’t have to cut out your whole alcoholic intake, in fact you can still enjoy a gin & slimline tonic or vodka and sugar free cola.

Stop grazing – I for one know that if I was to make a food diary to see what I’ve eaten in a day, I would see a massive amount of unnecessary grazing and snacking. For a flat stomach while you’re enjoying your holibobs, keep away from the treats and instead enjoy three hearty meals a day with healthy snacking in between. If you can manage it, try five small meals a day but make sure these are small and include very little sugar and carbs.

Keep busy – When you’re sitting around bored and doing nothing, you’re more likely to eat. So, make plans, keep busy and don’t let boredom lead to hunger.

Limit eating out – Save money and your waistline by sticking to home-cooked meals. Save the nice meals out for your holiday.

Sleep well – Lack of sleep causes your body to over-produce the hormone ghrelin, which triggers hunger, and produce too little of the hormone leptin, which can suppress your appetite. Meaning when you’re tired, you eat more. So, the more you sleep, the less you eat.

Drink lots of water – Mistaking hunger for dehydration is very common, so if you’re feeling hungry, try to drink a glass of water or two and wait a little while before deciding to eat.

Exercise daily – Burning calories will help you to achieve a flatter stomach and feel much better for it. If you feel great, then you are much more likely to stick to all the above.

Thanks so much for reading guys, something a little different from me today but hope you enjoyed it!

Much love,

Jess. X


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