Come Away With Me: Paris

Hey guys! So, if you follow me on Instagram, you will know that last weekend I went to Paris. It was my birthday present from my boyfriend so it was definitely a romantic trip. Can I just start by saying how BEAUTIFUL the city is. The architecture and flower displays are incredible and I definitely felt at home. Although French people can be *very* rude, our experience was amazing and we had such a lovely trip. I can now officially say I’ve ticked something off my bucket list!

So to start off with, I’m going to share with you some beautiful sight seeing pictures, wow was there some beautiful sights, from designer shops to pretty flower shops, the Eiffel Tower to the Arc De Triomphe. Here’s my spam of Paris photos:


Now we found Paris very expensive, more expensive than most cities. So we only enjoyed one meal, which had to be at the Hard Rock CafΓ© (so I could get my collectable cup, lolπŸ˜‰).


However throughout the day, we enjoyed lots of Parisian snacks and of course, a French baguette!

I was hoping to take lots of outfit pictures for you all in Paris, however I lived in plain black dresses and trainers. It was so hot and with all of the walking, I just wanted comfy shoes. I did take one outfit picture (below) when we arrived as the view from the hotel was very pretty and very β€˜instagramable’.


Instead of spending money on food, I bought a new bag, ha priorities right? Please enjoy these beautiful pictures of my new handbag:


Obviously for me, shopping comes first over food. Haha I love both and this time left myself in a sticky situation of not being able to afford food after I bought these other goodies too…


When we were in Paris, we found it very hard to find places to eat. So I am going to do a post all about places to eat in Paris, in case any of you lovely lot are visiting any time soon!

I’ve decided after this trip how much I want to travel, so expect more travel posts! Thanks so much for reading (or looking at pictures this time.) I hope you enjoyed. I will be back soon with my next Paris post for you all so look out for that, and until then…

Much love,



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