July Favourites 2017

Hey guys! I have a monthly favourites for you today. It seems like so long since I last did one of these but I feel I’ve had quite a good month and I’ve tried out a lot of new things! From food to fashion, TV to places, these are the things I’ve been loving through July…

Food & Drink: Those of you that know, know I am a MASSIVE lover of food. Mmmmm. I could eat chocolate for a living and never feel guilty for it. I can easily polish off 3 big family bags of magic stars while just writing a blog post. However this month, I’ve been trying to be a little healthier and trying new foods and drinks. I’ve decided to make you a long list of everything I’ve enjoyed eating and drinking in July (good and bad)…

San Pellegrino limonata,


✨Pineapple juice,

Greggs chicken and chorizo baguette,


✨Chocolate covered rice cakes,

Nando’s perinaise,


SmirnOff ice – my guilty pleasure!


Fashion: I have been living in two in particular pieces this month:

Sliders & LBD’s.

Sliders have been my go-to shoe. So easy to throw on and they look cool without even trying! I’ve also been loving black dresses, with sliders, or trainers, or heels. I’ve just been wearing them every day and I keep having to buy new ones! My favourite place to buy everyday LBD’s from is H&M or Zara.

Because it’s been so hot, I haven’t really been wearing many different outfits, however I do always post new outfit pictures on my ‘gram, so go follow me on Instagram to see the outfits I would be wearing.


TV: I’m never one for watching TV however this month I have been enjoying a little guilty pleasure that is Love Island. OMG!! Who doesn’t love it?! Erh, no one! I cannot tell you how obsessed I became with the show and how much my life revolved around it. *Getting asked out with your friends*: sure, but can I be home before 9pm? HA. I seriously did put everything on hold while Love Island was on and I’ve even got my parents hooked on it! Between 9 and 10pm I would put my phone on silent and enjoy the humour of the show…I’m already counting down until next year!!


Places: So this month I visited lots of new places. From countries to shops and even a new place of work…eeekk!!

Paris – My boyfriend treated me to a trip to Paris for my birthday this year, which we (finally!!) enjoyed last weekend. To say we had a nice time was an understatement. Wow, what a beautiful city to be exploring!! Although Parisian prices are extremely high, the place itself was amazing to walk around and explore. My favourite parts of Paris have to be the Eiffel Tower and the Champs Elysees. I loved shopping, which I’m sure you have seen;) And I loved the McDonald’s! Funny, I know, but out there, the restaurants are so beautiful and the food is incredible!! They even have a salad bar!

✨When I was in Paris I visited lots of new shops, however the one that got me most excited (apart from all of the designer shops where I was drooling over the things I definitely cannot afford) was Sephora. This was the first time I had ever been in one so I got super excited and carried away…

✨So something I have been keeping a little quiet this month is that I have been visiting a new place of work. No I haven’t ‘moved offices’ or ‘gone travelling with work’, I have in fact… got a new job!! I am now a Marketing Assistant for Dunelm and I am super excited to start at the end of August! Yay for me!!


Things to do: I never normally do anything, I’m actually quite boring. However I feel like I’ve really stepped it up this month and done some new, exciting things! Here are my highlights:

✨Had my first ever girls night. The first time going clubbing without my boyfriend in tow! Very scary when you don’t have your little security guard next to you.

✨Visited a new city-Paris and fell in love. Both with the city and my boyfriend all over again!

✨Decorating the garden – this may sound very, very random, but this month is has been super hot and sunny here in the UK and I’ve loved setting up the garden with buntings, fairy lights and pretty cushions. I’ve also loved helping my mum host summer garden parties. Check out my tips on how to throw the ultimate garden party, here.


Shops: I’m a massive lover of shopping, especially when it’s sale season! I’m not one for dressing the trends, I love to have my own style so I always look for pieces that won’t go out of fashion like your trusty white shirt or blue ripped jeans. So the shops I have been loving throughout July are:…



Next – Particularly their home section.


M&S – And their amazing shoes!!


Beauty: I’ve never really been mad on beauty however this month, it’s all changed. I have a new found obsession with makeup (brushes in particular) and beauty products. the things I’ve been loving this month are the following…

✨I’m now lucky enough to get sent a monthly beauty subscription bag from Love Me Beauty, so this month I have been loving that and feeling really grateful that thanks to my blog, I have the chance to get sent things like this.

✨As always, I have been loving La Roche Posay’s – effaclar duo. This product is great for redness and complexion of your skin and I would 100% recommend it to EVERYONE. I am very keen to try their other products to see how they work for me.

Real Techniques brushes – I’ve finally bought new makeup brushes!! Yay for me! So of course they had to be the Real Techniques ones which I LOVE!

NUXE face, body and hair golden oil. You only need to take a look at this product to see why I love it so much, it’s so pretty!!!


Thanks so much for reading my monthly favourites guys, July has been a really good month for me and I’ve had some really exciting things happen. I can also let the cat out of the bag that I also have a new job too, so wish me luck on starting that! I visited the city of love and enjoyed a lovely birthday trip away, what did you do? I’ve had a really positive month and I’ve been trying lots of new things. Tell me below your current favourites…

Thanks for all your support as always guys.

Much love,



2 thoughts on “July Favourites 2017

  1. Sushi, pineapple and strawberries are my all time favourites. And I’m so jealous you went to Paris but it’s sounds great, what a lovely trip for you and your boyfriend! Great post lovely x

    Liked by 1 person

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