Writing this ‘About Me’ section was the hardest part about starting my bog and the bit I always dreaded. As easy as I find it to talk/write, I felt this was like your first day at a new school where they asked you to “tell everybody a bit about yourself” and your mind went blank.

So here’s the basics…

I’m 18 and live in Leicestershire, England. After completing my first year of A-levels, I decided to leave college and work full time in a clothes shop. Growing up I always wanted to work in fashion but after many interviews for amazing jobs, I knew I needed to go that step forward to make myself stand out. I had always looked up to bloggers and their lifestyles but was always too shy to start my own. After an interview for a Social Media job, I learnt I had nothing to loose. Before starting my blog I used my Instagram account to post pictures of my outfits and inspiration. I decided to start my blog as a bit of fun and a chance to show off all of those clothes with labels still on in the back of my wardrobe. Shopping is my biggest hobby and putting outfits together is always fun and part of my everyday life at work, I was helping people daily to keep up to date with fashions, so putting all of that in to a blog just came naturally to me.

Although fashion is my main interest and that is where my main career aspirations lie, from time to time I may post something based on my other interests, such as; beauty, interiors, DIY and lifestyle.

I hope that you enjoy reading my blog and that you can take inspiration and tips from me.

lots of love