Christmas Gift Guide 2016

Sometimes it can be very difficult to pick what to get someone, especially on a budget. Girls are very hard to buy for because they’re all so different. which is why I have came up with my perfect gift guide from all of the lovely products I have been gifted, for you to pick and choose your favourite pieces for everyone. This is only here to help you guys, not to brag about what I want or what I have. I have included different categories for price ranges up to £50, for you to use as main present, stocking fillers or Secret Santa present ideas.

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My Trafford Fashion Outlet Wardrobe

Ladies, if you don’t already follow me on Instagram, then go go go! I am ALWAYS raving about this amazing brand and you need to check them out!

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My Bikini Collection


My holiday is fast approaching and half way through packing my suitcase, I came up with the idea for this blog post! I’ve picked out my favourite bikinis and thought I’d share them with you all, along with where they’re from. Most of them are old sale items or from years ago, so I will just link to the shop!

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What I got for my birthday 2016

I’m finally back, after weeks of being unwell, I’m finally back to blogging! My birthday seems like ages ago now but I still wanted to share what I got for my birthday. This is one of my favourite blog posts to read but like everyone else says, this is in no way bragging! Here are some of my favourite pieces from my 18th, including my amazing cake and masses of balloons!

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My Favourite Skin Products

My favourite skin products all depend on how I’m feeling, sometimes they change because of weather or because of the change in my skin, I’m not massively into beauty but looking after your skin is very important because its something we can’t replace!

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