A Summers Day


As much as I love the colder months, where you can wrap up warm in layers of clothes and blankets, drinking hot chocolate, and decorating the house at Christmas, I LOVE summer and the vibes it brings. My and my boyfriend; Tom decided to visit a country park recently and it was the perfect time to take some blog pictures! He’s absolutely useless at taking photos normally but I’ll cut him some slack because these actually turned out alright, credit to Tom for taking these photos!

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How to: style floral print

I’m not one for being super girly but when I imagine summer and all of the outfits I’ll be planning, I ALWAYS think of floral print. Floral print can come in many forms and colours, but my favourite has to be small, ditsy prints with pops of colour.

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My Week in Outfits

I started my new job this week, which meant plenty of outfit planning! I soon learnt after the first day, that working in sports wear meant the dress code was more casual (you will notice that change my outfits as the week goes on.) So I went from dressing smart to adding a casual touch to all of my office wear! I’ve always wanted to dress smart so keeping it smart/casual is what I’ll be doing from now on. Instead of boring you with loads of writing about every outfit, I am just going to include the link for where I bought each item, if I can’t find it or it is no longer available, I will just tag where it is from.

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Blue Jeans, White Shirt

The classic look that anyone can pull off. Blue jeans, white shirt. No matter what shade of blue your jeans are, a white shirt will always look great.  I paired mine with a pair of lace up flats and a black leather jacket for a casual everyday look. I wear this Leather jacket nearly everyday, it was my Christmas sales bargain from Forever 21 for just £19.99!! The details on this jacket including the buckles make me love it ten times more. You can wear a leather jacket with almost anything and they are all so different, so having more than one is ok, right? The weathers been crap here today (no surprise there), so I made the most of the fab lighting downstairs in my house instead of venturing out to take photos.

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