Underwear as Outerwear

We’ve all seen the likes of Kim Kardashian and Rita Ora, rocking this current trend, and I have to say…I think I’m hooked! It would never normally be acceptable if you walked outside in your lingerie, but thanks to these celebs, we can get straight out of bed and out the front door!

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All Black Everything

“I’ll stop wearing black when they invent a darker colour.”

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The Festival Edit

We’ve all recently witnessed Coachella and now festival season is almost upon us. I’ve gathered all of my favourite Coachella images and took inspiration from these to give you guys some top tips on what to wear and what beauty products are a MUST for festivals.

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My Go-To Shoes of the Moment

My ‘go-to’ shoes probably have never changed, they have always been white converse or a pair of black boots, so I set myself a goal to wear as many of my shoes that I could and only then did I realise that my go-to shoes were probably because of comfort! However, I stuck through the pain and I now have a few more pairs to add to my ‘go-to’ shoe list. Of course the converse are still there, oh and the black boots, oh and not just one, two pairs now (I’m getting worse with this colour thing)!!

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The White Shirt Dress

The shirt dress is such a staple for everyone at the minute and they’re sold basically everywhere! They come in so many different colours and styles and I know full well I have more than I should.

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Blue Jeans, White Shirt

The classic look that anyone can pull off. Blue jeans, white shirt. No matter what shade of blue your jeans are, a white shirt will always look great.  I paired mine with a pair of lace up flats and a black leather jacket for a casual everyday look. I wear this Leather jacket nearly everyday, it was my Christmas sales bargain from Forever 21 for just £19.99!! The details on this jacket including the buckles make me love it ten times more. You can wear a leather jacket with almost anything and they are all so different, so having more than one is ok, right? The weathers been crap here today (no surprise there), so I made the most of the fab lighting downstairs in my house instead of venturing out to take photos.

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