What to pack in your beach bag

Before I get started on this blog post, can we all just take a minute to appreciate the beauty that is my beach bag…I was very kindly gifted this personalised bag and I feel like the luckiest girl on earth. Just look at all of its handmade goodness!! I want to say a MASSIVE thank you to Lieblingsstück for sending me this bag of dreams!

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Summer Sandal Staples

I’m so excited for summer, I can’t wait for the long nights, warm weekends and endless BBQ’s. I’m that excited, I have decided to have a summer themed week on my blog this week! To kick things off, I’ve got my summer sandal staples for you. These are the styles I am lusting over and will be investing in this year (maybe not every pair, I would be skint.)

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30 Blog Post Ideas for Spring/Summer

It’s normal for us sometimes to have mind-block and not be able to think of any blog posts to make, so I’ve decided to write a list for you (which is what I do best) of 30 blog posts that are perfect for Spring/Summer…whether they inspire you or you copy them, may your spring/summer planning be 10 times easier after this!

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A Summers Day


As much as I love the colder months, where you can wrap up warm in layers of clothes and blankets, drinking hot chocolate, and decorating the house at Christmas, I LOVE summer and the vibes it brings. My and my boyfriend; Tom decided to visit a country park recently and it was the perfect time to take some blog pictures! He’s absolutely useless at taking photos normally but I’ll cut him some slack because these actually turned out alright, credit to Tom for taking these photos!

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How to: style floral print

I’m not one for being super girly but when I imagine summer and all of the outfits I’ll be planning, I ALWAYS think of floral print. Floral print can come in many forms and colours, but my favourite has to be small, ditsy prints with pops of colour.

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My Bikini Collection


My holiday is fast approaching and half way through packing my suitcase, I came up with the idea for this blog post! I’ve picked out my favourite bikinis and thought I’d share them with you all, along with where they’re from. Most of them are old sale items or from years ago, so I will just link to the shop!

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