My Top Summer Outfits

I love styling up outfits more than I love actually getting dressed in to them. I could spend hours putting together outfits but HATE having to try them on (which normally ends in me looking like a sack of spuds.)

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How To: Survive Christmas Shopping

It’s the most wonderful time of the yearrrrrr! Or should I say, STRESSFUL! Everything is happening this time of year, from deadlines at work/school before the Christmas break, to fitting everything in before the big day. Christmas shopping can be so stressful, which is why I have came up with this little guide, to help you survive those busy shopping days!

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My Go-To Shoes of the Moment

My ‘go-to’ shoes probably have never changed, they have always been white converse or a pair of black boots, so I set myself a goal to wear as many of my shoes that I could and only then did I realise that my go-to shoes were probably because of comfort! However, I stuck through the pain and I now have a few more pairs to add to my ‘go-to’ shoe list. Of course the converse are still there, oh and the black boots, oh and not just one, two pairs now (I’m getting worse with this colour thing)!!

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My Week in Outfits

I started my new job this week, which meant plenty of outfit planning! I soon learnt after the first day, that working in sports wear meant the dress code was more casual (you will notice that change my outfits as the week goes on.) So I went from dressing smart to adding a casual touch to all of my office wear! I’ve always wanted to dress smart so keeping it smart/casual is what I’ll be doing from now on. Instead of boring you with loads of writing about every outfit, I am just going to include the link for where I bought each item, if I can’t find it or it is no longer available, I will just tag where it is from.

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That Dress

We’ve all heard of Kylie Jenner right? She’s a major fashion icon at the minute and high street shops are going mad for her style. The Kylie Jenner inspired dress is a tight bodycon dress with a slight twist; the deep slits on the bottom/side of the dress. It’s made to show off your curves like the famous Jenner’s and Kardashian’s.

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